We live in a changed world. It’s a busier, more stressful place. But, it’s also a place where most people are determined to get the most out of life and refocus on what’s really important. We want to call out those special times, those moments that make everything worthwhile. The “warm cuddles during your favorite movie” moments. The “evening together, just the two of you” moments. And when you have the opportunity to make that special moment, we are here to help you lean into it, to savor it, to be fully present and live it to the fullest.


Throughout the year, we will visit several different moments, sharing ideas and inspiration to help you make the most of them. How will you make the moment?


The “evening together, just the two of us” moments


The Valentine’s Day chocolates and flowers may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean the romance is too. How do you keep the excitement alive the rest of the year?


Make time for one another. Schedule an evening to be with your partner and only your partner. And, when we say “be with your partner,” We don’t mean sitting on the couch watching your favorite TV show together. While that is lovely - and very tempting - we mean mindfully connecting with them in that moment. What that looks like is entirely up to you. Need a few ideas? Here is some inspiration to help you make the moment.


Get romantic

Turn off your phones. Turn on some music. Light candles, close the drapes, and slip into a romantic nightgown. Draw a bubble bath for two, and pop a bottle of champagne. No special occasion? No problem. You’re making it. Talk, breathe, be together - body, mind, and spirit.


Get away

Some people find it challenging to disconnect from everyday demands and connect with each other. Being physically away from the laundry, dirty dishes, kids’ stuff, and so on can help immensely. Book a night at a local hotel. Enjoy the hotel spa and restaurant, or stay in the room and order room service. Don’t forget to pack your favorite Miss Elaine robe to answer the door and put out the Do Not Disturb sign. The next morning, don’t hurry home.


Catch them by surprise

Sneak up on them in the kitchen in your sexiest nightgown. They’re surprised - and delighted. Wait, they say. What about the kids? You’ve taken care of that already - arranged overnights at a friend’s or grandparent’s house. You have the house to yourselves for the whole night. Revel in the look on their face as the realization sinks in.


Play games

They’re not just for family game nights. Order takeout and do a puzzle. Get cozy and get out your favorite board game. Liven it up with a sexy twist - lose a turn, lose an article of clothing? The loser has to cook dinner in nothing but an apron, or give the other one a sensual massage.


Reminisce romantically

Make new memories while reliving old ones. Leave your favorite photographs of the two of you for them to find. Hide one in their briefcase. Send one via text or email. Include a note about your favorite memory from when the picture was taken. Snuggle up and look through photo albums together. Don’t forget to snap a selfie to document your trip down memory lane.



Write down questions for each other, put them in a jar, and take turns answering the questions. They can be silly or serious. Don’t hold back. Just when you thought you knew everything about your partner, you might discover something new.


Sip and savor

How about a blind tasting? If you enjoy wine, buy a few bottles and have your partner try to guess which one’s which. Not wine drinkers? You could use whiskey, beer, chocolates, or even plan a morning coffee tasting. Or, be adventurous and try different exotic fruits! Add a blindfold and feed it to them for extra spice.


Prepare a meal

Cooking together can be very romantic. Slip on something comfortable, turn on some jazz, dance and laugh while you prep the veggies and sear the steak. While it cooks, enjoy some aphrodisiac appetizers, like oysters, chocolates, and strawberries. Just watch out for fire hazards as things start sizzling in the kitchen.


These are the special, intimate moments that make life beautiful. So, forgo your daily routine for a night. The next chapter of your book or episode of your TV show can wait. Relish this time alone with your favorite person, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.


Make the moment with Miss Elaine.